Back with Patrick.


Bianca: Catch! Sparrow? Are you . . . still asleep?

Patrick: That, or she stood up too fast. I mean, if you can call that “standing.”

Sparrow: Hrngh.

Okay, but neither of those oughta be right. I mean. Our bodies didn’t really even move. Brain oughta still be adjusted to being awake. An’ my inner ear or whatever oughta be adjusted to standing. Prob’ly a brain problem — it’s the one that gets affected by th’ Battledome in other ways — memories — We gotta try this on someone who’s hooked up to an MRI.

Bianca: Wait, was this a work thing the whole time?

Sparrow: Ohhh, yeah. Which is why I gotta email Miranda, then sleep.

And back with Reseda.

Reseda (thinking): Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow. Nothing to do but wait . . . might as well heal. But ow, ow, ow, ow . . .

. . . huh. Either I’ve been losing consciousness and not noticing . . . or that was fast.