Lightning: You — Master — Let me talk to him!


(TRAN . . .
. . . SFORM . . . ?)

Camellia: I’m sorry, I can’t! He’s not on right now. No cell reception, see?

It turns out humans can imagine things into this world with us . . . but only if we already know how to make them. I have no idea how to build a communications satellite. And unlike the phone and the flare gun, that’s not something you can pick up at the local StuffMart.

Reseda: I get it now, boss . . . You know how to make a fabulous dress.

Camellia: Right! Also, it turns out I know how hair works.

Dr. Köhler is still in Germany. Even in this world, it’s thousands of miles away. We didn’t prepare to hang around while you fly that far. Besides, you don’t look like you’re in any shape to travel.

But he gave us some things to tell you, if we could find you. And once this round of the Game is over, we’ll let him know anything you want us to say.