Cohen: Hey, babe. Nothing much. Just looking at quarterly reports while listening to Bennett do a report on racism that acknowledges it might exist. . . . which is a big step for him, but I completely understand if you want to watch something else.

Miranda: Eh. I can handle it if you put him on mute.


Cohen: Coming out has been really good for him. Honestly, I’m impressed.

Miranda: I’d be more impressed if he admitted to causing millions in property damage.

Cohen: . . . I promise I’ll turn him in if anyone is falsely accused in his place. And I won’t lie for him if he gets caught.

Miranda: Sure, Dad. Sounds great.

I didn’t come here to talk about your boyfriend, anyway. I came because I think Sparrow and I are on to something really important about Beings.

. . . Also, I want to talk to you about Poe.