Miranda: And I’m not — I don’t feel like dating anyone right now, okay? I have too much else going on that’s more important. Most of it Being-related, if you see what I’m getting at.

Cohen: . . .

. . . He’s a Being. When did you –? The name would be obvious for the Raven, but we saw her recently, and she called you by name —

Miranda: She called me what Poe always calls me. Mandy Cohen.

Cohen: . . . which isn’t your name, right. I should’ve figured that out back when you were twelve and I couldn’t —

Wait, I lost track of the Raven before I even lost Patrick. Its last Master was involved in trafficking and — did you get it straight from him? How —

Miranda: Cash. Are you mad? . . . are you okay?

Cohen: I would be SO mad if I wasn’t busy being glad you’re not dead.

Miranda: . . . yeah. I can appreciate that.

Miranda (thinking): It’s probably because of Poe that I’m not.