Miranda: . . . so, yeah. Poe, you’ve met my dad. Dad, say hi to Poe’s “real” form.

Poe: Hello again.

Miranda: Also, while I have your attention . . .

Sparrow: Bennett is THAT guy and we can’t just turn him over to the police?! He’s a rich white guy, he’ll be fine. Gay but fine.

Miranda: We could, but that would make it harder to use his Being for this experiment.

Sparrow: . . . good point. We’ll probably want Poe later, Reseda and Kara Lynn are out of town, and Patrick is out of the question.

Bennett: Your kid wants to do WHAT to Cybele?!

Cohen: I know it sounds risky, but I’ll be standing over the whole thing. One letter out of place and I promise I’ll shut it down.