True story: I got a whole page drawn yesterday, then realized it should be the opening action of chapter 24. So I backed all the way up and drew this to wrap up chapter 23.

Up next, the usual bit of filler…and then a chapter with Even More Plot, and some long-awaited revelations.

Bennett: I could just order you to run off and hide for a while. Somewhere out of even my reach.

Cybele: I’m very good at hiding.

Bennett: But what would I do without you?

Cybele: That’s a great question, boss!

Office of Dr. Tansy Rosen.
[*translated from Hebrew]

Rosen: [Look at these résumés, Lúthien. What are we going to do with them?]

Lúthien: [ . . . Hire one. Don’t we have to, Master?]

Rosen: [Unfortunately, yes. If only there was a way to solicit people interested in Being archaeology without turning up all the otherkin . . . ]


[Would you look at this! Miss Cohen wants us to fly back to the States. . . . Oh my.]

[I always had a feeling you were special . . .Now it looks like I’ll be able to say why.]