It’s BICP’s second two-page spread! (Last one was in chapter 19.) Wasn’t planned, but I started laying out two separate pages and couldn’t get the flow to work for either until I switched to this.

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Sparrow: Hey, M . . . I think I found the thing.

Miranda: One second . . .
> Panorama: Join
> Send

Sparrow: See?

Miranda: Oh, wow, that’s promising. Dad, come have a look.

Cohen: Found it already? Okay, I see which keywords you were skimming for, but it’s hard to tell . . .

Bennett: Why are we all over here now?

Miranda: Because.

We’re trying to find the part of a Being’s code . . . that forces them to play the Game.

Bennett: Wait, that’s just — in here? And it’s all carved into this clay? So if we could . . .

. . . erase th–

Cohen, Sparrow, Miranda: No!!