fun fact: it took WordPress three tries and 10 minutes of clicking just to get this comic attached to the post

Cohen: They’re not going to change anything . . . today, at least. If they’re tempted, I’m here as the cautionary tale.

If you erase the wrong part, or change a line without updating another one it depends on . . . It’s like a TV station cutting off at the end of the broadcast day. Back when that was a thing.

Sparrow: Of course, we’ve already seen and analyzed a ton* of these. We have the general idea down.


Miranda: But they’re not all identical. They have different phrases, different dependent clauses . . .

Bennett: . . .

Ah! Like what Santa files on his tax returns.

  • Jewish
  • Too rich to ever need to look at tax forms
  • Jewish AND too rich to ever look at tax forms

Cybele: I don’t think this is the right audience for that joke, boss. Also . . .

Can I ask a question? Wouldn’t every clause in me depend on the fighting one? I think it’s what we’re for.