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Rosen: Remember to use English now! Americans are frightened of foreign languages in airports.

Lúthien: Even Hebrew?

Rosen: In theory no, but most of them do not know what Hebrew sounds like.

Airport wi-fi is connecting . . . Ad-block is bypassing mandatory car commercial . . .

Why, look at this! Another Contract to examine. Not as original as yours, I can already see . . . but perhaps its unoriginality will be what makes it interesting.

Bennett: That wasn’t bad at all, was it? And now we can go home!

Miranda: Huh. Dr. Rosen has thoughts.

Bennett: What? I don’t like the sound of that! About Cybele?

Miranda: More or less. You’re aware that we think Beings weren’t all made at the same time? Has Dad brought it up when you aren’t too busy making out?