Bennett: Hey! That is inappropriate to be discussing around Cybele.

Cybele: Yeah! I’m only six thousand years old!

Cohen: According to our very approximate guesses.

Miranda: Which used to be based mostly on records. The oldest, or at least the longest-surviving, are the ones with the Dove . . . and there’s nothing at all on the Donkey before the Common Era.

Bennett: You mean the Year of Our Lord.

Miranda: You mean your lord. Point is . . . these days, we can add to our data by analyzing the Contracts directly. Which ones use more archaic language? Which ones are experimenting with new twists?

Poe: Hi, Master. You’re done with them already?

Miranda: Hey, Poe. Almost. Scoot over so I can put a thing on screen.

Bennett: How did her Contract get up there already?! You didn’t even plug anything in!

Cohen & Sparrow: Bluetooth.

Poe: That’s not the Rabbit’s Contract, though. Is it? Those just look like the scans we made of mine.