Miranda: Yes, Poe, those scans are yours . . . And I need to look at them side-by-side with Cybele’s.

Cybele: Say, don’t I know you from somewhere?

Poe: Don’t we all!

But most recently . . . I checked up on you while looking like this.

Cybele: Hey, I can do that look too!

Cohen (thinking): Is Cybele’s version of me making me look taller?

Miranda: Sparrow, come look at the thing and tell me if you see —

Bennett: Aha!

I knew someone was sneaking in and spying on you! I had my finger on this dastardly scheme from the beginning, and was going to blow it wide open any day now!

Cohen: Yeah, well, not long ago Miranda beat you to it. Feels like I’ve known for months by now.

Bennett: So much perfectly good intrigue ruined because these people had to go be open and honest with each other.