Bennett: Does this mean all our secrets are out in the open now?

Cohen: You’re cute.

Sparrow: Oh, wow, I see it. Theyre almost identical.

And you could see that. Why d’you need my input?

Miranda: So I’m trying to care about other people’s opinions. So sue me.

Sparrow: The species clause is different, and there are some minor tweaks . . . and that’s it. They must have been made by the same person. Or a team — maybe a master and their apprentice. It’s like they’re . . . twins.

Bennett: Does that make you my . . . Master-father-in-law?

Sparrow: And we already have Poe’s Contract analyzed and mapped. Which means . . . Cybele would be a perfect guinea pig — sorry, let’s say, “staging server” — for anything we’ve worked out how to do there.

Annnnd we don’t have to wait, huh. We could start right now.

Miranda: You’re the one who said it, not me.