Bennett: First we couldn’t change my Cybele, and now we can. What am I supposed to trust with all this flip-flopping?

Cohen (thinking): She’s right — this means, if they want to do it now — there’s no reason they can’t.

Sparrow (thinking): If Bennett lets us. And if he won’t . . . Will Miranda track the Rabbit down later and try to do it anyway? I probably shouldn’t let her.

. . . I’m making plans to defend Arthur Bennett. Now there’s a believable portent of the apocalypse.

Miranda (thinking): This wasn’t in the plan . . . but it’s a great opportunity. Now, come on, Dad — don’t undercut me on this. It would almost be easier if you didn’t feel guilty about Patrick. Or if you didn’t have daughter issues for the Rabbit to play right into.

Or, I guess, if you knew . . .