Sparrow: I swear I’m not picking up anything new at this point. Isn’t our guinea pig supposed to be here by now?

Miranda: Don’t say guinea pig.

Sparrow: Because it’s the Rabbit?

Miranda: Because it’s not alive — that’s kind of the point. But sure, that too. And don’t worry . . .

I’m sure Bennett and his Being will be checking in downstairs any minute now.

Security: ID? — yes, I see you know the drill. Welcome back, Mr. Bennett.

One more thing before I give you a visitor card — Tell me how many colors are on this list.

Bennett: What?

Security: New security measure. We have to double-check that you’re a human.

Bennett: Fine, fine. Show me the thing.

black, orange, shoebox, taupe, laundry, green, hat

Bennett: Three. Only three. Just because I’m . . . you know . . . doesn’t mean I have to acknowledge “taupe” as a color.

Security: Mr. Cohen, should I count that?

Cybele!Cohen: Sounds awfully human to me!

Security: Thought so. Okay — now it’s your turn.