Dad Balachandran: Jany can come home any time she likes! As long as she has that Being do what it’s always done for this family.

Mom Balachandran: If she makes an order, it’ll be happy to follow!

Bianca’s mother (phone): Your Grammy and I always love to have you visit! But, Bee, you have to promise not to go on and on about this “pride” thing. It makes her so upset. Let her think you’re definitely going to meet a nice boy, like your sister did.

Newspaper: Local officer gives exclusive interview on his work with the “Order of St. Lily” cult investigation

“They gathered looking to find salvation — and almost none of them survived it”

Dr. Rosen (Hebrew): [It’s a real shame . . . Someone went to the effort to make a sigil the size of a city . . . and still botched what they were trying to do.]

Cohen: When it comes to those of us who have made mistakes . . . At some point we need to wise up and step back, so at least we don’t do any more damage.