Naresh: Have you been to the doctor or dentist since you got to the US?

Jany: No . . . why?

Naresh: You have to make appointments for this stuff now! And look up how much money it is before you go.

Jany: It costs money? . . . Right, I will.

Bianca’s sister: When I first told Jason his Aunt Bee was bi, he thought it meant any time someone’s name started with “B” it was code . . .

Bianca’s nephew: Mo-om!

Bianca: Hah!

Timothy: I’m not sure how long I’ll be here in Chicago, so a short-term volunteer spot would be ideal. Qualifications: I’ve worked in public service before, and there is no level of angry religion-fueled violence that can faze me.

Sparrow: Miranda! Come here and check my work.

Cohen: And part of the duty of the next generation is to watch us . . . To learn from our mistakes . . . . . . and to do better.