Q. What if the Master needs a translator? Like, if that Japanese Master needed to speak with someone who only knew German, would that allow Ilsa to hold onto German longer? What if a Master needed a language the Being had previously known but had lost by the time this Master contracted them? Or how about if a Master wanted to learn a language? Could a newly contracted Being hold onto a language they knew from their previous Master long enough to teach their current one?

A. Memories that are already lost can’t be ordered back, including a Being’s memories of how to speak a language. But if you catch it early enough, you can order a Being not to forget its previous language, which will buffer it against the memory loss.

And yes, you could go on to learn the language from that Being. You’d just have to be a really good/fast learner, because they’re not natural teachers.

Q. What if Master knows some language but it’s not his first language, while it was first language of previous Master: will the Being knowledge of the language fade to match how well his current Master speaks it but not disappear completely?

A. Exactly right.

Q. Assuming all wolves went extinct, what would Ilsa become? A dog like Patrick? Another canine like a dingo or a fox?

A. Dogs are directly descended from wolves, so yes, she’d become a dog.