Bianca (texting): Can’t we do this rescue w/o Patrick involved at all? He’s been mostly satisfied + fulfilled lately. It’s nice.


Sparrow: So, here’s a hot take: Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this at all. Maybe you should handle the teleporting.


Bianca (texting): I’m afraid it’ll tear his insecurities right back open if he has to work w/ Cohen.

Sparrow: It’s nice that you’re letting me feel involved, but . . . If I end up flinging myself into limbo or the Congo or the middle of the ocean, it’s not going to help Reseda.

Miranda: The plan is still a work in progress! We don’t even have all the data yet. If we do have to change it, fine. We’ll deal with that. But you can’t skip all the way to giving up before we’ve started trying in the first place.

Poe: Want me to rub your shoulders, boss?

Miranda: Desperately.