Exciting news, readers — I’m working on Actual Proper Print Volumes of BICP!

The proofs for Volume 1 (chapters 1-4) are almost finished. Once it has a cover, it’s good to go. Volume 2 (chapters 5-8) will also be ready for release after a few more pages’ worth of bonus art.

I could fund a serious print run through Kickstarter, and then I’d be able to send out signed copies and bonus sketches and fun things like that. Trouble is, I’m not sure there’s enough interest to whip up that much cash.

So I’m leaning toward the alternative — just putting them on Amazon for $19.99 apiece.

More updates to come. Watch this space.

Miranda: Patrick followed you home because on some level he knew you smelled like his most recent Master . . . but a version of that Master who hadn’t hurt him. Poe notices it too — at least, the part that your scent is like mine.

Bianca didn’t change Patrick’s name, so that line in the spell wasn’t broken. The code was still valid.

And you didn’t figure out how to enter his battles on purpose. You just happened to become another daughter of Stu Cohen who was close to him.

Sparrow: That . . . I’ll be honest here, that would explain a lot.

I guess “close” works in two ways? It started happening at farther and farther distances the more I got to know Patrick as a per– uh, as an individual. But is all your evidence circumstantial here, or —

Miranda: DNA results. There’s a 99.99% likelihood he’s your donor.