Henriette: Not that I’ll let that get in the way of helping any innocent Beings that need help. If that’s what you’re working on.

Timothy: It is.

Henriette: Walker’s been stress-testing her defenses lately. Even if there’s information you can get now, it might be locked down soon. I figure my clearance level is high enough to be helpful with that.

Timothy (thinking): Wow . . . either she’s testing us, or she really bought Jany’s story. Better not break the kid’s cover. Not yet.

Timothy: How about this . . .

Timothy (thinking): Something we already know, so we can find out how reliable she is . . . and so we don’t tip our hand about how deep our information already goes.

Timothy: Find out where Walker’s keeping the Porcupine, and give us a call.

Köhler: Dr. Gaillard . . . Sibling relationships can be . . . emotionally fraught. I did not wish to cause your family any undue distress . . .

Henriette: Köhler. I don’t have a brother. Even if I did — what are the odds our parents would name the kids “Henriette” and “Henri”?