Henriette (thinking): Openly, our most recent data about the Porcupine is over ten years old . . . Even data on who its current Master is? That’s weird all by itself.

Köhler (research):
> Assyriology — Periodicals.
>> Cuneiform Digital Library Journal
>>> Gaillard, H.

Jany: And we don’t even have to lure the Wolf to the US, because she’s already on her way.

Timothy (text): How much longer until everything is ready? Not that I don’t appreciate being put up in your condo…but I do miss Reseda.

Miranda (text): If Sparrow can’t pull this off soon, I’ll give it a try. But let’s wait a little longer — she’s working really hard, here.

Bianca (text): Hey, Sparrow, when are you getting home? We made pie!