It’s been more than 20 chapters since I established that Sparrow’s mom eventually got married, and then in all that time we haven’t seen the wife…until now.

She still doesn’t have a name, though! If you have any favorite chill butch names, feel free to comment with suggestions.

Stepmom: Anything good?

Mom: Bills from the company we told to go paperless . . . more address labels from Earthjustice . . . a letter from Sparrow.

She sent a drawing and asked for me to put it on the fridge!

Stepmom: Oh, cute!

Mom (thinking): She said to send her a photo of where I put it . . . I wonder if this is for one of those online scavenger hunts . . .

And she wants a call, but says I shouldn’t call her, I should just text to say when I’m free. Well, now is good.

Better make sure this is charged for when she responds —