Miranda: The thing about magic . . . And for convenience’s sake, I’m just calling it magic now . . .

It responds to feelings. Desires. Will. All the things about humanity that already seem like they come from a more ethereal source than neurons and chemicals. The people who managed to create whole new Beings must have had a lot of love in their souls . . . Or a lot of angst. It makes sense either way.

Point is — any sigil works best if you can tie some strong emotion into the outcome.

When I first started teleporting, the only place I could get to was here.

Sparrow: Wait, why —

— Ohhh. Your mom is in this graveyard, isn’t she.

Miranda: I mean, not literally this one. I thought about flying us halfway across the country to make it more accurate . . . then I figured you’d rather just fudge it.