Tech support update: The computer is booting…sometimes. I got it running long enough to back up all my data (and finish this page!), now it’s in the shop to get a new hard drive with a fresh Windows install.

With any luck it’ll be back on track in time to make Friday’s page. Clap your hands and believe, everyone.

Timothy: I can’t help with the beer, but the Being . . .

On behalf of the Cat, I challenge you — to rock-paper-scissors.

Köhler: I am not familiar with this English term.

Timothy: Thumb wrestling?

Köhler: Or this one.

Timothy: Evens and odds?

Köhler: You must explain.

Timothy: Spin the bottle?

Köhler: I suspect you are making these up.

Timothy: Okay, how about: the first one to count to 100 . . . In whatever language they prefer to count in.

Reseda (singing): Doch das ist viel zu weit / Draussen in der Dunkelheit / Viel zu weit / Hier ist unsere Wirklichkeit

— Oh! Back to the Wirklichkeit outside the Dunkelheit.