Got my computer back this afternoon. Spent most of the rest of the day reinstalling programs, copying fonts and files, and trying to remember which options I had everything set to.

But hey — we’re stable enough to make new comic pages again. Progress!

Timothy: Ann Walker has more than one kidnapped Being in custody. If we rescue Reseda and Lightning but not the others, she’ll just bury them somewhere even deeper.

Which is why we have to grab them all in one shot . . . around the same time as we take the Tiger and the Wolf off the field.

. . . Let me know if I’m making this too figurative.

Miranda: We definitely need you on the ball, now that we know we’re looking at four rescues at once.

Reseda: Hello, stranger . . . you want a lift?

Miranda: And there’s no telling what shape the Porcupine’s in. At least we know the Cormorant and Reseda should be doing all right — and the Bearded Vulture gets stronger every day.

Lightning: N-no . . . ! I think . . . I can fly.