Me on Monday: Just posted a double-size update! So it’s totally justifiable if I don’t finish another page in time for Thursday.

Me on Wednesday: No, wait, this next page is mostly 2 big faces. I have no excuse.

Cohen: [AHEM.]

Mandy told me you’ve completely switched over to your new Master . . . I won’t get in the way of that, okay? But I’m so sorry I ever let you go in the first place.

You were nothing but good for me. You would’ve done almost anything I asked . . . so, like an idiot, I managed to zero in on the one thing you couldn’t take.

I never should’ve experimented on you like that. Never. Of course you were hurt. You had every right to run away.

Patrick: I . . .

Master . . . I don’t feel any need for his approval at all!

Bianca: Good boy.