No page delay, because I finished this the night before the plane flight! Hopefully by the time you see this, everything else will have gone smoothly too…

Sparrow: Well, good for him! And good for you, too.

You finally got a handle on giving him orders . . . Where he’s capable of doing the thing, and it doesn’t hurt your soul to know you’re making him do the thing.

Bianca: Yeah . . . it took a whole year for me to figure out what I’m doing. Good for me.

Sparrow: Wow, it’s only been a year? It feels like we’ve known him for . . . oh, forever. But I knew from day one that you’d be great at it. Didn’t I say you’d be great? So what’s next in the plan? Tell me everything.

~ One Everything Later ~

Sparrow: Wow. So for the Wolf’s new Master —

— did you have anybody in mind?