Me working on page revisions for volume 3: “Ooh, right, I alluded to this character having poorly-understood dysphoria like 5 years ago and then never followed up. Also, never explained how our heroines covered their banking tracks. Maybe I should do something about that.”

Miranda: Dad . . . ?


Cohen: ‘M okay. Just — how?

Have you been hacking my bank accounts on top of everything else? Because that’s how I know he moved to Maryland, but . . .

Miranda: Nope.

Cohen: What?

Miranda: I’ve been authorized to tell you that’s a decoy accessing his account. I didn’t set it up, so I don’t know the details.

The details:

violetbauble: U can use the $$ for hrt, boy clothes, anything else u need!
violetbauble: Just dont take more than $300per month or the irs will come get u for fraud.

kitsune96: thats ok!!! its more than enoguh thANK YOU
kitsune96: oh can i use it for dates w Dotan or is that not kosher

violetbauble: Aww are u still dating? Thats sweet.

couragelupe: Yes! ༼ (͡o ᴥ͡o ) ༽
couragelupe: It turns out I am also happy to date boys

kitsune96: (◡‿◡✿)

violetbauble: :)
violetbauble: well as long as ur transition stuff is covered u can use any extra 4 whatever u like.
violetbauble: btw u never told me if u picked a new name!

kitsune96: i did!!!

violetbauble: wait let me guess

violetbauble: “Fox”

Dotan: Gasp!

Tina Fox: How did she know?!