Cohen: So his new Master is someone you know. Sparrow?

Miranda: Dad, you gotta quit guessing that everyone is Sparrow just because she’s the only friend of mine whose name you know.

Here’s what I need from you . . . How would you handle seeing him again? What would you do?

Cohen: So you must know . . . How has he reacted to the erasure long-term? Did he move on without a hitch, as if I’d died? Or are there still . . . aftereffects?

I wouldn’t be able to treat him like a stranger. Not convincingly. But I can hold back on, say, hugging him, if that would be upsetting.

Miranda: But you wouldn’t, say, try to erase the new Master’s name and put your own back in.

Cohen: No! Of course not. I’ve learned my lesson. I swear.

Unless the new Master was abusive somehow . . . and if that was the case, I have a feeling you would’ve taken care of it already.