Q. What if a non-sophont extraterrestrial lifeform were discovered? With the religious aspects of the whole thing, is it even possible that a Being could be created with those parameters?

(Insert nightmare scenario here about a Tribble Being.)

A. Yes, the tribble Being is a possibility.

The main factor here is humanity’s threshold for scientific understanding of animal species. By the time you get to spaceflight, that’s a lot higher than it used to be — vague notions of “big cats, you know, not lions, the other ones” or “lizards, just lizards” aren’t going to cut it. You’d have to get a really deep and complex understanding of what makes a tribble, the evolutionary history of the tribble family, how they differ from other species in the order Tribbolata.

Q. Has there ever been a time where a Being has (at least semi-flawlessly) integrated into society without being discovered? For example, using a nickname (to avoid the inability to say their name) and having their master nearby to do any reading for them?

A. Short-term, yes. It’s hard to keep up — there’s never been a Being who pulled it off for the length of a whole human lifetime. But if the Being plays the part for long enough to accomplish a goal, has a small group of supporters to back them up, and “leaves town” before being discovered, it may be that nobody ever thinks back on it and realizes something was off.

Marian did it with the Donkey, having him impersonate Josh for a while before “ascending to heaven” (with help from the Dove), and nobody was ever the wiser. Hannah had the Raven play Jesse Riverton just long enough to get her family to Canada, then set his house on fire. All the official records assume that’s what killed him.