“Wow, Erin, this is the best art of any BICP page you’ve ever posted.”

Miranda: In the beginning, there was . . .

Bianca: Ooh, I know this one! “The Word.”

Miranda: No, no, this is before words. This is before the concept of words. Before the possibility of the concept of words.

In the beginning was the
אין סוף
— the Ein Sof — the thing that cannot properly be named, because it precedes the existence of names — the endless, incomprehensible, divine light.

Nothing distinct could be created or separated from this undifferentiated infinity of everythingness. Until the Ein Sof withdrew part of itself from a space — and, in that action, created the concept of “space.”

All the rest of creation — molecules, proteins, laws of physics, bad ideas, comfortable shoes, and so on — was able to follow, now that there was somewhere to put it.

Sparrow: This is when we get the possibility of the concept of words.

Miranda: Yes, Sparrow.