Hey, speaking of adulting: does anyone want to give BICP a quick read-through and make a note of every time we get specific information about a character’s age?

Jany: Kara Lynn! She hit you mid-transformation! Does that mean you’ll be hurt in either form . . . ?

Kara Lynn: I don’t know . . .

Jany: How long will that spell keep Ilsa down?

Sparrow: Uh . . . I don’t really know.

Jany: Camellia, do you need to go to hospital? Can you afford to go to hospital?

Camellia: Ngh . . . I dunno . . .

Jany: You’re adults! You’re supposed to know what you’re doing!

Miranda: Are you done with the . . . ?

Sparrow: Mm.

Miranda: Okay, Jany, let me tell you a secret — there is no age at which you suddenly know what you’re doing. You just gradually get better at faking it.

. . . unless you’re me, in which case you do know what you’re doing, and everyone would be better off if they listened.

First, tell Camellia to sit down, in case she passes out. Then . . .