[WEEEEooooWEEEEoooo . . .]

Medic: Do you have insurance?

Timothy: Yeah . . . but I didn’t get the card yet. It’s, uh. New.

Medic: We can work that out later. You should be fine — you just need a few stitches and a rabies shot. Do you have someone in town who can pick you up?

Timothy: N-no. The person I usually call is . . .

. . . she’s not free to visit right now.

Köhler (thinking, German): [ This is it. ]

[ I’ve had enough waiting on these young people and their “magic” plans. I’m going to march in there and demand my Lightning back. Surely I, a respectable adult man, will be able to convince Ms. Walker to see reason where they — ]


Köhler (thinking, German): [ I never should’ve bought this cursed interrupting device. ]