Question for readers: If you were trying to find the link for But I’m A Cat Person (say, on a new computer) but completely blanking on the title, what phrases would you google to look for it?

(Optional bonus level: actually google the phrase you thought of, and tell us what turned up!)

Cohen: Honey . . . have you just been buying health insurance for all of your friends?

Miranda: Of course not! Most of them are under 26 and have at least one working parent. So with Obamacare they’re already covered.

Rosen: These are lovely! You had this many waiting in your pocket?

Sparrow: Yeah . . . I wanted to be prepared for anything. . .

. . . and I was, huh? I’m kinda . . . ready. Which is good, because we should probably get this party started. Like, now.

. . . Are you ready, Bianca?

Bianca: I’m not the one you should ask . . .

Sparrow: Right, right. How about it, puppy? What do you say?