Jany: Okay, I’m at the hotel . . . but there’s nobody here yet . . .

Sparrow: Hang in there. Miranda and I are at the airport — once we land, I’ll go check on Timothy while she comes to find you guys. Cohen’s coming too, just on a later flight. How’s our, uh . . . friend?

Jany: Still asleep. It doesn’t even look like she’s breathing . . . that’s normal, right?

Sparrow: For a Being? Yeah, she’s fine. One of us can reinforce the order if she twitches, but if not, we should probably save our strength.

Jany: I wish you were strong enough to just be here. Like, now.

Sparrow: Listen, Jany, if I had that kind of power, I’d never fly on a plane again.

Or catch a bus. Or ride the subway. Or flag down a taxi. Or book a train. Or . . .


Köhler (German): [ You can’t bring the Wolf in here! That Being is not . . . tame. ]