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Jany: Look, Doctor, I . . . I know this isn’t . . . ideal, for you. Or me, either. I’d much rather be asking Dr. Gaillard! But she’s out of town for another thing. Next time I meet Walker or Blake, I’ll be alone . . .

Gaillard (imaginary): Hang in there, kid! You got this.

Jany: I’m scared I’ll give something away. A-and of course I’m scared of Ilsa, after seeing what she can do . . .

But if we pull together in spite of all that, we can still make this work!

Köhler: . . . and I can see that you are not unwilling or unaware of the risks.

I will do what I can while we wait for your friends.

Sparrow: I’ll take Patrick to the hospital while you and Poe go do something about Ilsa. Remember not to call Jany’s phone, she’s afraid Walker might have it tracked . . . She has Camellia’s phone on her, so call her at that number.

Miranda: I already knew most of that, but who’s Camellia?

Sparrow: Timothy. I mean — he’s also Timothy. She goes by either one.

Miranda: . . . You know your friends are weird, right?

Sparrow: There’s a reason we like the word “queer.”