Rosen: Yes . . . The “acquiring knowledge of all things created” sigil that you . . . keep on a rug in your office hall. A part of me did always wonder why you never tried to use it to find a way to “re-animate” your Patrick.

My own Being raised the discrepancies as well, but I shooed her away. No, no, I said, Mr. Cohen is a reasonable man! We can trust him, I said! And then your daughter summons me this morning to reveal that it was a lie, and she knew this all along?

Cohen: It’s not like I told her. She just found out.

Rosen: But you did not tell me! Your top researcher! Not only that, you had me working many hours to re-animate a box full of ordinary soil!

Cohen: Okay, to be fair, that was after Mandy started running the division, not me . . .

Rosen: And you think she learned this type of scheming from the mailman, perhaps?

Cohen: . . . Point taken.