Drawn using reference pictures of Homo naledi, discovered in 2015, which might have been the first human subspecies to bury their dead.

On a more modern note, check it out, I have one of these now:

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Miranda (narrating): So the void kept growing, and diversified its contents.

Chemical reactions! Self-replicating proteins! Things that kept growing and changing on their own — no need for constant infusions of outside creative power.

Which is good, because the Ein Sof finally withdrew so much that the universe had room to be infinite.

The last bits of it filtered in around the edges . . . right before it lost the possibility of edges . . .

. . . and entered a single species, living on a single ball of rock.

Infusing us, and us alone, with the power of creation, self-awareness, and free will.

Which I’m sure we immediately started using to its full world-reshaping potential.

Cavewoman (thinking): I bet I could take these fig leaves and make them . . . stylish.