Rosen: Am I still the only one who knows the truth about this sigil? That you have a working design, which you kept secret and destroyed all copies of except one?

Cohen: As far as I know, yes. Even Miranda hasn’t figured that out. This is the one that scares me the most, you know? I can handle a world with no god. But a world where a human could try to become a god . . .

Rosen: I share your concerns, Stu. So when I believed this was your only secret, I understood! Now I do not know what to believe!

I will help through the end of this rescue mission — but is it worth the trouble to keep working for you after?

If you still had a Being, and I had one that did battle, such a challenge I would give right now!

Cohen: . . . We could cut out the middleman and just have you punch me, if that would help.