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Rosen: So I can hit you, fine. What then? It doesn’t prove that I can trust you. Maybe it’s worse, eh? Maybe the punching is to make you feel that it’s okay to keep the next secret, because at least you’ve been punished.

Cohen: I’m not . . . Okay, let me be as open as I can here: I’m not keeping any more secrets of mine.

There are some that aren’t my business to tell. You get that, right?

Rosen: I do.

Cohen: Listen, do you want to use the sigil to check?

Rosen: What, this sigil?

Cohen: All the important bits are there. Some of them are just . . . sewn over. I came up here to use it to help with the kids’ mission. But all I can think of is to double-check the answers they already have. So if you’d rather . . . .

Rosen: Stu Cohen, if you are seriously offering me the Sigil of Acquiring Understanding, you must let me use it for something important.