Hark, a page! (Here are some cat photos to apologize for the delay.)

By the way, is there anyone familiar with Israeli-English accents who would be willing to look over Rosen’s dialogue? (Not just on this page, but for her appearances in general.) I don’t want to be writing out the accent phonetically or anything, but it would be nice to have some actual guidance about sentence construction, turns of phrase, that kind of detail.

Cohen: You know this could hurt you. Don’t do it alone.

Rosen: I know the risks. I will wait until you get back, so you can help.

Cohen: And at least give me veto power over what question you ask.

Rosen: Of course. But in return, I want you to do something for me . . .

Cohen: . . . and so Rosen wants a platform on your show. Exact date TBD. Can you make that happen?

Bennett: I’d love to! Any time in the next year is available. Did you hear? We just got renewed!

Cohen: I heard! Congratulations, babe. I know you were worried for a while there.

Bennett: Yeah . . . now I can hardly even remember why.

My fellow Republicans have been surprisingly nice about the whole gay thing! As long as I don’t talk about it too much, and make a point of loudly agreeing with them on every other issue.

There are more people calling me their friend than ever! Even some people I’ve barely met!