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Some comforting scenes later . . .

Sparrow: Sorry about that . . . They were only letting relatives in, and I wanted a story that would hold up if they checked it out.

Timothy: I know, I know. I’m glad you — I’m really glad you’re here, I just — It’s been such a day already. And you reminded me, if Miranda’s whole Theory of Ein Sof is true . . .

That means there’s no Heaven. My brother’s spirit isn’t in a better place. He’s just . . . gone.

I do appreciate that you pretended to be heterosexual for my sake.

Sparrow: I figured it would be slightly more convincing than pretending to be your sister.

And here’s something else to cheer you up . . .

violetbauble: Hey, Timothy, I challenge you and Reseda to thumb-wrestling.

ace_and_time: I accept! -T

Sparrow: Ahh! Fresh air.