Hey everyone — after the end of this chapter, I’ll be doing another In-Character Q&A. (Possibly the Last One, and then it’s all straight on toward the climax.)

If you have questions for any of the But I’m A Cat Person characters, start asking now!


Patrick: Does this mean your self-image is a woman today?

Camellia: For now! And uninjured, too.

Patrick: Both those things are really pretty!

Camellia: Aw, thanks.

[brush brush]

Sparrow: Hey, have I told you I have a theory of my own? About why these old walls and things sometimes show up here.

If this was made with leftover creation-of-the-world energy . . . you’d expect it to be a purely natural version of the world, right? And that’s how the older records describe these places.

But all the versions I’ve seen have bits of human things in them. Because that energy is all in us now. The current Eden is created through us, so our influence ends up rubbing off on it.

Even if it’s lagging by a couple thousand years.

It’s the same energy that animated the Beings . . . the energy they run on, through our orders . . . and you know something, Camellia?