We’re on Draft #2 of the Big Character Knowledge Spoiler Chart. Give it a look, and help fill in some of the blanks!

Sparrow: I think it’s what you saw with Sister Lily, way back when your brother died. Maybe it had some continuity, like a soul? Or maybe it just got folded into the energy of any human who was born later that day. But he still exists in the universe in some form. I think you have all the proof of that you need.

Reseda: Hey, boss!

You brought a Sparrow! Does that mean we’re doing the thing?

Camellia: It does! You should’ve seen her this afternoon — she was amazing. After she finishes this sigil, I’ll tell you all about it.

Patrick: And then I defeat you in glorious battle!

Reseda: What kind of battle?

Patrick: Doesn’t matter.

Reseda: Is it a thumb battle?

Patrick: That can still be glorious.