This is destined to be the first chapter in the printed Volume 8, so I figure it’s a good time for a “refresher on the characters’ names” panel.

Miranda (narrating): We think there must be a limit on how many Beings can be infused with life at a time. Once that limit was filled with the best, most durable models, there could’ve been a long period where none of them were destroyed.

That’s when we lost the record of how to make new ones. Or even that they were “made” in the first place. If the limit is a flat number, my guess is 72.

Bianca: Wait, why 72?

All: There’s supposed to be 72 names of God.

Tansy Rosen: Jewish, studies this for a living

Stuart Cohen: Jewish, studies this as a hobby

Miranda Lake: pays Dr. Rosen to teach her this stuff

Sparrow Applebaum: working hard to shore up her vague memories from one year of Hebrew school

Timothy Mattei (aka Camellia): makes a point of reading up on many different religions

Bianca Washington: lapsed Methodist, never learned any of this

Bianca: Of course . . . why didn’t I think of that.

Jany Balachandran: lapsed Muslim, never cared about any of this

Jany: You people are all NERDS.