Q. If you killed a Being’s Master, could you convince that Being to make a contract with you?

A. Beings don’t instantly lose all their custom settings when their Master dies, so if you killed a Master, the Being’s immediate reaction would be hatred and horror, and it would run away from you as fast as possible. (And, whenever applicable, toward someone it thought of as good and kind). But you could conceivably make the next Contract if you gave the Being enough time to cool down, assuming someone else didn’t get to it in the meantime.

Q. Can a Being have two Masters, whether via contact manipulation (writing in a second name) or someone sharing a name with their master? Let’s say a Master is named John Smith, and the Being runs into another guy with the same name. Can the second John Smith give orders, as his name is technically on the contact, or is there weird magic in play to prevent multiple Masters?

A. It’s definitely not an option in a Being Contract. The Being can’t state the name in any context, but the individual who states their name at the “signing” is the only Master, regardless of whether anyone else has the same true name.

In my head there isn’t supposed to be any risk of identity-confusion with spells cast by someone else, either…although I haven’t worked out the mechanics of why not.

Q. Could a Being alter its own code if ordered to do so? I mean they have hands when they’re in debug mode. Basically I’m asking if there’s alterations to their coding they could make that won’t force them to space out.

A. No, they can’t. Partly for the same reason they can’t write, partly for the same reason your computer has to restart in order to install updates.