Semi-seriously considering switching BICP’s update schedule again, from Monday/Thursday to Monday/Friday. (Since I have Day Job on Wednesdays, but not Thursdays.) On the other hand, the Day Job schedule could change very easily, and I don’t want to be reshuffling BICP every single time. Hmmm.

Back in the present:

Walker: Tomorrow it is. I’ll have someone call you with a convenient restaurant.

Cohen: You know I’m happy to read a menu for —

Walker: Don’t push your luck, young man.

Secretary: Front desk for Ms. Walker? The Wolf is here to see you.

Walker: It’s about time! Send her up.

Secretary: Uh . . . sorry, ma’am, but . . .

. . . she didn’t exactly wait for permission.

Blake: That’s her coming in, boss. And making a nice dramatic visual while she’s at it.