Me this afternoon: All right, time to get serious, I’m going to buckle down and finish remastering the Chapter 21 pages by tonight!

Me this evening: Wow, I’ve been so productive all day, really impressive, haven’t procrastinated at — OH WAIT I haven’t finished the page for TOMORROW

Timothy: Sparrow! You’re back . . . was all of this for nothing?

Reseda: Who are you calling “nothing”?

Timothy: Reseda . . . !

Reseda: You should’ve pulled me out of there sooner! If I’d been around, the Wolf wouldn’t have laid a finger on you!

Timothy: I got it, I got it, I’ve learned my lesson.

Sparrow: We also brought some fresh clothes! Not half as exciting as the headline item, but we figured it would be a nice bonus.

Nurse: Speaking of clothes — here are the ones he had when he came in. The bag is water-soluble! You throw the whole thing in your washing machine as-is. We recommend you don’t look inside.

Sparrow: Don’t you do laundry here? For all the sheets and so on?

Nurse: We do — but if you put an ordinary shirt in a hospital-grade washer, you don’t get much of it back.