I looked up the history of the Find-My-Phone app, so that part’s accurate, but I sure hope those standing phone chargers were available in 2011.

Walker: [sigh] If Ilsa doesn’t show up in the next half hour, I’ll have Jany go looking. And the next time I upgrade her device, I’m installing one of those new “Find My Phone” apps. Just in case.

Jany: So . . . you’re Miranda, huh?

Miranda: And you’re Jany! Sparrow and the others told me a lot about you.

Jany: R-really! Yeah, they told me who you were too . . . Um, what did they say about me?

Miranda: Nothing much. You were in Dad’s Being-research database, so I knew the basics already. Why, what did they tell you about me?

Jany: Uh . . .

Sparrow (flashback): She tried to kidnap Patrick, like, twice, but it’s cool! She’s over that, we’re friends now.

Jany: Only good things!

Bianca (flashback): She’s working through some stuff and she’s really self-conscious, so if you notice how sexy her Being is, don’t say so, okay?

Miranda: Oh, yeah. Same here.