Sparrow: Everyone check and make sure you have the right phone! We’ve been trading them around all day.

Timothy: I’d invite you all to crash at my place for the night, but it seems like you have plans?


Sparrow: Oh yes. Near Jany’s place, actually, so we can keep an eye on her without being noticed, and they’ll still let her into the lab tomorrow . . .

Jany: Dr. Lin!

Dr. Lin: Hello, Jany!

We’re doing a quick round of tests on the Wolf, to make sure Cohen hasn’t compromised her abilities. Kara Lynn can go in the vacuum chamber next, as a control.

Jany: Um . . . Dr. Gaillard actually asked me to look for some things in Kara Lynn’s files. I should do that.

Dr. Lin: Ah! Well, if Henriette wants it, who am I to say no?

Walker: No.